Tribal Art Publications

Oceanic and Tribal Art links to Online Art Book suppliers for Print & Out-of-Print Publications.

ArtDaily  - The First Art Newspaper on the Net. News from the art world, and directory of artists, museums, galleries and auctions.


CMG Books - Specialist in print and out-of-print books on African Art, Oceanic Art and arts of the indigenous peoples of the Americas including Precolumbians and the Inuit.


Tribal Art Magazine - Tribal Art Magazine is an international quarterly magazine dedicated to the arts of Africa,Oceania, Asia and the Americas.


Tribal World Books - Tribal World Books & LukLuk Gallery for books and artefacts on indigenous peoples of the world (Aboriginal, Australia, Africa, Melanesia, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, and North America


Tribal Index - Database of results of tribal art auctions. With Tribal Index, you can instantly access the auction results of the major tribal art auctions of the last forty years. You can obtain an exclusive insight in the tribal art market, with the necessary information to study a specific style or to compare artworks.


Art Trak - Auction Database is a Tribal art resource that is searchable for objects sold at auction between 1980 and the present.


5 Continents Editions - 5 Continents Editions, an independent publishing house of art books, was created in February 2002 by Eric Ghysels—Belgian and Armenian by birth but Italian by adoption. Today the company is an undisputed leader in the production of books dealing with the traditional arts of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania.