Tribal Art Auctions



Bonhams - Los Angeles, ParisBonhams African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art department offers a wide range of unique and traditional works of art from sub-Saharan Africa, the islands in the Pacific and from Central and South America. Objects include ceremonial and religious items created for the elite as well as utilitarian and specialized items for daily use within the culture. Our public exhibitions and auctions take place twice a year in the spring and fall in Los Angeles.


Christie's African & Oceanic Art - New York, Paris. Since the department was founded in the 1960s Christie’s has sold some of the finest works of African and Oceanic Art seen on the market, including highly prized sculptures and masks from sub-Saharan Africa, Polynesia, Melanesia, Indonesia and Australia.


Native - Brussels. Native is the first Belgian auction house specialized in Tribal Art. Built on the high standards of its collectors, the expertise of its dealers and the existence of its former colonies, Belgium, and particularly Brussels, have a long tradition in the market for African and Oceanic Art. Native follows in this tradition of quality and rigor.


Deutscher and Hackett - Sydney, Melbourne. Deutscher and Hackett is a leading Australian fine art auction house with a strong reputation for quality, experience and outstanding results.


Galerie Walu - African & Oceanic Auction Switzerland. The family business Koller is the leading auction house in Switzerland and ranks amongst the ten largest tribal art auction houses worldwide.


Mossgreen Auctions - Australia. Mossgreen has held the position of leading specialist auction house in the field of Oceanic & Tribal Art for many years with industry veteran, Bill Evans, offering over 35 years of experience. 

Oceanic & Tribal Art features as part of the annual, tightly curated Australian Indigenous Art auctions at Mossgreen.


Sothebys- African & Oceanic Art - London, Paris, New YorkOffers African and Oceanic Art made in or prior to the early 20th century for use in rituals or ceremonials within the traditional cultures of sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Indonesia. This includes masks, figurative sculpture, amulets, jewellery, furniture and weaponry. Sotheby’s is the only international auction house with regular auctions in New York and Paris in these highly specialised collecting areas. 


Webb's - New Zealand. Holds the position of leading auction house in the field of Oceanic & Tribal Arts for many years with industry veteran Bill Evans leading the department. Oceanic, Māori & Indigenous Arts feature as part of our annual, tightly curated Indigenous Art auctions.


Zemanek-Munster Tribal Art Auction - Wurzburg Germany. Auctioning Africa, Australia, Asia, Oceania and The Americas, world-class art objects, such as masks and sculptures, as well as ritual objects, ceramics, primitive money and jewellery. Zemanek-Münster is considered worldwide as a specialist in non-European tribal art. Together with Paris, Brussels, London and New York, it is today, with its’ headquarters in Wurzburg, recognised as an international centre for tribal art in Europe and overseas that is outside the major art centres, but still incredibly well connected.


Oceanic Tribal art Auctions Paris, New York, Australia, London, Germany