Ewa Oceanic Sepik Art Gallery showcases the private Todorov family collection of original late and early Art Objects gathered along the Sepik river region of Papua New Guinea. This portfolio of tribal adornments and artifacts has been hand-selected and kept within the family collection for decades. 

Alluvial Gold explorations and film documentaries first led Lubo, Francesca and Bianca Todorov, the family behind the collection, to Papua New Guinea in the early 1980’s. Since then, Ewa has curated a collection of art, comprised of traditional ceremonial artifacts and adornments used by the Sepik River people themselves.

The Todorov’s unique access into this region continues to pique interest amongst those seeking original art from this artistically diverse region. After making Papua New Guinea their home more than thirty years ago, the Todorov’s were accepted into the Sepik by it's local tribes. Personal relationships grew over time and continue to grant them access into the most remote areas. 

With inventory dating from contemporary to late, their pieces range from entry-level to museum quality in rarity, cultural importance and historical value. The story of each region is told through the unique markings and stylistic designs that vary from village to village. 

Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery in Ubud, Bali served as the family’s gallery and showroom for the past ten years. A selection of pieces are now available online and through private viewings in Australia. Ewa provides a Certificate of Authenticity and Providence with each piece that exchanges hands. 

For further information on Ewa’s collection of tribal artifacts or to arrange a private viewing, contact Bianca through an online Contact Form or Email info@ewaoceanicgallery.com


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Lubo Todorov Tribal Art Collector Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery

Lubo Todorov ~ Sepik River, Early 1980's

Lubo Todorov Tribal Art Collector Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery

Alluvial Gold Mining along the Sepik River

Bianca Todorov Ewa Oceanic Gallery Tribal Art Collector

Bianca Todorov ~ Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery